About Us

About us.

Our Mission Statement since 2006:

“To promote and enhance
Ballroom & Social Dancing”

Over the years, there have been attempts to organize various dance groups in Prince George. In many cases, these efforts failed due to lack of interest and community support rather than lack of hard work and effort on the part of the organizers.

Around 2003, a few dedicated individuals began gathering together to provide an outlet for their desire to dance. The primary focus of this group was Ballroom dancing. This tiny group slowly developed, expanding in both numbers and structure. Judy Russell’s Enchaînement Dance Centre was kind enough to give this group a home, and the word spread. Then in 2006, the group made the decision to re-structure and take on an identity – Dance North became a reality.

We have continued to develop and diversify. In 2007, we were able to organize a few Saturday night Dances which were well received. In the meantime, the Friday night drop-in continued to grow is size and appeal, finally expanding to include Wednesday nights as well, which offered a slightly different approach and focus to the original dance format. Between the two evenings, we now cover many different dance styles, with Fridays focusing on the more traditional International Ballroom dances associated with strictly ballroom, such as Waltz, Foxtrot, Quickstep, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Rumba, Cha Cha, Samba, and Jive. Wednesday nights will move to focus more and more on American dances like East Coast Swing (ECS), West Coast Swing (WCS), Hustle, Night Club Two (NC2), 2 Step, and Salsa. Either of these drop-in opportunities could include any one of the above mentioned dance on any given night, depending on the mood and direction on the evening.

The two nights create a balance in approach to the number of dances we enjoy and share with others, right from strictly ballroom to other, purely fun, social dances. We want to offer the opportunity for people to take dance seriously and progress in the direction of competition is they so desire, but at the same time, make it basic fun for others who wish no more than to improve their social dancing skills – we encourage everyone to drop by on either of our nights.

Typically, in the past, dance would have to travel to larger centres such as Vancouver and Calgary to enjoy the chance to participate in a good dance club atmosphere and experience the professional mood created only by more experienced dancers. While we here in Prince George have not yet reached the level of expertise and professionalism of the major dance studios in Canada, we are moving ever closer to that scenario, with the development of dance group such as Dance North and Jazzmatazz Dance Co where you can select from different dance styles and level of tuition. The studios at Judy Russell’s Dance Centre which are well known in Prince George, are very busy and offer people in the community an exceptional range of dance classics such as Jazz, Contemporary and Tap to name a few, plus the opportunity to get involved in wonderful stage shows and musicals. Things are looking up in our community – this is an exciting time for dancers, as opportunities are developing and expanding in an unprecedented way. Why not take advantage of these many opportunities and support dance in the central interior.

Make Dance a Habit – It Will Change Your Life.