Come dance with us.

A Message From Peter & Paz

Dance North Update – September 2022:


Group classes will resume September 5th, 2022.  Private lessons are still available on request – see our contact info under the “Contacts” tab.

Please find our Waiver pdf together with the schedule – this one-time form will need to be signed by each attendee at the beginning of every new dance season.


  • When: Every Monday & Friday Evening
  • Time: 7:30pm
  • Where: Brunswick Activity Centre

Address:  425 Brunswick Street, Prince George BC

  • Cost: $50ea/mth in advance (no refunds) – provides confirmed admission to all DN sessions for that full month – cash, cheque or etransfer (to Peter Weedon –
  • Schedule: see under schedule tab
  • Guidelines:
    • Any new Guidelines applicable for September will be posted at that time
  • Registration:
    • Registration will be by the month only, set at $50ea/mth in advance on a first come, first served basis – no refunds (most forms of payment acceptable except plastic)


We will send out our weekly updates just before the start of each new week of dance sessions.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email us at any time.


Thank you,

See you soon,

Peter & Paz (fully vaccinated)




Learn With Us

Dancing is a unique form of exercise as it provides the health benefits of aerobic exercise while allowing you to engage in a comfortable, social environment.  Physical benefits aside, dancing has a way of brightening up a person’s day!

Does your level of dance determine or even restrict the type of social event you might attend ?  On one particular occasion we overheard someone saying that, although they would love to, they were not attending a particular prominent dinner & dance event in town because they couldn’t dance well enough – how unfortunate, especially when that scenario is so avoidable.

  • Do you feel awkward dancing in public ?
  • Does your dancing feel stiff and uncoordinated ?
  • Do you seem to always forget your steps or can’t seem to match your steps to the music ?
  • Does your partner never seem to know what you want them to do ?
  • Does it feel like you are not having any fun ?

Well, with a little commitment and determination, and yes, regular practice, almost anyone can become a proficient enough dancer to have the confidence to attend any type dance event they like.  Dance North offers regular practice in a comfortable and friendly environment.  We work on basics, lead and follow, frame and dance floor etiquette, from beginner to intermediate levels.  With all our dance sessions, we focus heavily on fundamentals and basics – with these elements in place, it creates a solid platform for any level of participation.



Casual “Drop-in” is not available at this time – pre-booked, pre-paid dance sessions will run one month at a time for the foreseeable future – see details under “Registration” above

Weekly sessions held Mondays & Fridays at 7:30, September through to June.

Brunswick Activity Centre – 425 Brunswick Street, Prince George BC


Please note that Dance North is a SCENT FREE environment.


About this Website

This website is set up to provide the basics on background information and contact details for Dance North. We do not post to this website on a daily basis, so for the very latest information and schedules, please go to contacts for email or phone information – we will be very happy to pass along the skinny on what’s happening at that particular time.

Also see our New Years Eve event, Boogie with the Stars, which is held every 2 years.

Personal Privacy & Respect

To allay any concerns on a point of personal privacy, we at Dance North wish to assure you that we do not monitor or log the emails or IP addresses of those who read our correspondence or visit our website. We have better things to do with our time, such as focusing on dance and sharing that experience with you.