Update for Spring 2019

Well, we are pleased to report that Dance North is happy, healthy and stronger than ever!  Attendance at our drop-ins continues to flourish, with classes frequently hitting the mid to high 20’s, and sometimes into the 30’s.


Over the past few years we have weathered a few storms, defused the narcissistic designs of a few pretenders who threatened our autonomy, made a significant change in venues, and come out the other side dancing to the beat.  Our sister fundraising event BWTS //boogiewiththestars.ca was a great success in 2018 with an event total of $80,000.00, and we are looking forward to partnering up with Hospice for the next event in 2020.


We welcome beginners to our friendly, warm drop-ins, and encourage anyone to come along and check us out.  Dance North is happy to offer assistance and tuition to dancers at various levels, and to help those folks improve and advance their dance-craft.


We do not presume to offer professional dance lessons, something a person can expect to pay up to $120/hr for at accredited dance studios (private lessons), but what we do offer is the sharing of practical advice from the knowledge and experience we have gathered over years of social dance, something that is more in line with what the average social dancer is looking for.


Here is something we came across on a professional dance website that helps put instruction and tutoring into perspective:



The $5 drop-in fee simply covers our out of pocket expenses like the cost of the hall – it is important to understand that DN instructors willingly share their experience free of charge.  Our objective is to promote dancing and show folks that come along to our drop-in how to make dance fun and enjoyable – we don’t have to help folks, we choose to – Why?  Because we want to advocate all the benefits of dance that we have discovered – as we say:



“Make Dance a Habit – It will Change your Life !”


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