Update for Spring 2020

Dance North drop-ins have been progressing in a very well-adjusted and stable way, helping us settle in to our (not so) new home at the Highland Centre. The list of attendees we mail out to has grown steadily as well as the core group of folks that come along to our drop-ins, where they can enjoy a variety of dances in a warm, comfortable, “uncomplicated” and open environment, free of regime and overly zealous management.


The $5 drop-in fee has not changed and DN instructors still continue to share their experience free of charge (i.e. not for profit), where beginners and regulars alike are all welcome to find their own level of comfort, no pressure, no judging, no drama.


Our sister fundraising event BWTS //boogiewiththestars.ca is gearing up for another year following the great success of 2018, an event that saw a total of $80,000.00+ raised for various charities around town. We are looking forward to partnering up with Hospice for the 2020 event and aim to beat the last total with the inclusion of a number of other very worthy local Charities.


The theme for BWTS Season 8 is “The Roaring 20’s” – if it sounds like fun, well that’s because it will be. BWTS is moving to a new venue, the “Show Lounge” at the Treasure Cove Casino & Hotel, which is spectacular in anybody’s books. We have a great line-up of Charities for the dance competition, terrific food, the very vibrant and colourful dance band, “Pink Champagne”, other entertainment and lots and lots of dancing for everyone, roaring 20’s style, and more. Tickets will be available on-line, plus at various ticket outlets around town, and if you get your tickets early enough, you will be able to take advantage of a terrific offer that includes a room at the Treasure Cove for the night – that means no driving home until the morning after !


In the meantime, you have plenty of time to attend our drop-ins between now and NYE to whip your dancing into shape, ready for the big night. Our schedule is available on line as well as with our weekly notices which you can sign up for anytime. For those that are interested, there are a number of opportunities around town offering private lessons at very reasonable rates – we will be happy to share that information with you. The rest is up to you….


We encourage all of you to make dance a part of your life – the benefits are multi layered, both on a social level and from a health perspective…. indeed, beyond what you might even think !


“Make Dance a Habit – It will Change your Life !”