Did You Know

Did you know that physical exercise has the effect of slowing down the aging process ?

And which exercise do you think tops the list ? – you guessed it – DANCING !

There’s more….

Tips for success in practice:

A Lighter Perspective on Understanding Dance Instructors:

When we Say:

  • Do you have any questions
  • Let’s try that again
  • One more time
  • Last time
  • Let’s do it to music
  • Listen to the music
  • Feel the music
  • You guys did great
What we mean is:

  • You should be asking questions
  • That looked nothing like we showed you
  • Three more times
  • Three more times
  • We’re tired of counting
  • You’re off the count
  • You’re on the count, but you look stiff
  • Yes, you guys really did do great !


“Make Dance a Habit – It will Change your Life !”